Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Adam Rocks...and that's a fact

Many may have thought I'd become somewhat pretentious recently when my social media feeds were littered with Adam Rocks! This however, was not some self motivational pat on the back but the name of a new car I was fortunate enough to take for spin through the beautiful Snowdonia region. Admittedly it was childishly amusing touring Chateau Rhianfa - my accommodation for the evening prior to the drive - and seeing said moniker adorning banners, bottles and unsurprisingly, the car itself.

What's in a name
The setting for this little adventure couldn't be more stunning and only a couple of hours drive from Stoke-on-Trent. Chateau (or Plas) Rhianfa is a fabulous 19th Century French inspired Grade II listed venue overlooking the Menai Strait. Due to a packed itinerary over the couple of days we had in the area, full exploration of Rhianfa wasn't possible. What I did get to see was dramatic yet welcoming, a place to which I will definitely return to enjoy in greater depth - particularly the unseen wine cave. The locality is breathtaking and we were given the opportunity to experience it from the water, via a speedboat trip down the Strait to dinner.

Chateau Rhianfa
Seeing the properties lining the water's edge was impressive to say the least and with a little help from our guide (allegedly known as Jack O'Nory) every building seem to hold either some secret, celebrity or more likely, tall story. Thoroughly entertained by Jack (his real name was Tim) and with wind paralysed, salt encrusted faces we were deposited at our destination.

Taxi to dinner
Having been told so much about the local delicacy on our aquatic tour, only one option was every truly considered when it came to ordering at Dylan's and the surprisingly substantial Menai Mussels didn't disappoint. This had been preceded by an equally delicious Chicken Liver Parfait. Not to be outdone, the Tiramisu Teacup concluded a superb meal and evening.

The menu, setting and whole experience at Dylan's I would highly recommend and is well worthy of being the main purpose of a visit to Anglesey, however the following day was the main event and the reason for the excursion to North Wales. The Adam Rocks Air, with its electric folding canvass roof, is effortless to drive. The six speed gear box belies the one litre, three cylinder engine as it maintains its momentum with painless and uncomplaining ease. With Hill Start (as standard), and optional Park Assist, it really takes all aspects of City driving to a higher level of comfort. From just shy of £15k the car was taken from concept to production in less than 12 months and has, as yet, no real direct competitor. At around 57mpg and with interchangeable interior sections, it offers cracking value for money and the opportunity to reinvigorate the look as and when required  - or if the mood takes you. It took the climbs and curves exceptionally well for what is fundamentally a tough looking urban motor - an image inspired by agile parkour athletes who negotiate such city spaces.

Aided by the entertaining and extremely informative company of co-driver Ian, the three hours of stunning scenery flew by in an instant, significantly enhanced by our mode of transport. 

But the 'fun' wasn't over. Riding the fastest zip wire in the world wrapped up a memorable visit to Wales. But that's another story.

Adam Rocks Air is available now and priced from £14,695 on the road.

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