Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bubbly and Bluffer's Brilliance

Bibs not included
Chocolate and champagne. The real essence of Valentine's Day. As many suffocate in the commercial crassness of yet another season of delusional romance, there are some delights out there that buck the clichéd trend and offer a little of something different for the one you love/hope to love etc. The Bluffer's Guide To Chocolate by Neil Davey is the perfect Valentine's Day gift or an essential point of reference to take you from scoffer to specialist.
Food critic and journalist Neil said, "From its bizarre history to its actually-bordering-on-the-insane production process, the fact that chocolate exists at all is a miracle.
It might be delicious but chocolate is also a vast and confusing subject which makes the perfect topic for Bluffer's Guide to bring down to bite sized chunks."

This brilliant book dismisses some commonly held beliefs including Belgian chocolate being the best in the world; white chocolate is not chocolate; chocolate is an aphrodisiac and chocolate is bad for you. The Bluffer's Guide to Chocolate is available for Kindle and iPad at Amazon for just £4.99 and from the Bluffer's website or any decent book shop for £6.99.

If you question the depth of affection for him/her and keep the Bluffer's Guide for yourself and are in need of further inspiration, then Laurenti Champagne is perfection in a bottle.The first (and possibly most important) fact about Laurenti is that it's exceptionally low in sulphates - reducing the chance of a hangover! Added to the fact that it's also low in calories, tastes sublime and is incredibly smooth, you will begin to understand it's popularity in France for over 90 years. Known as a 'grower champagne' - Laurenti only use fruit grown from their own estate - this exquisite range include Grande Cuvée Tradition - their prestigious vintage, Grande Cuvée Rosé aged in the Laurenti cellars for 3 years and the Grand Cuvée also aged for 3 years and a blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Relatively new to the UK market this champagne is excellent value for money and the perfect Valentine's gift or your date if you're single.

The Laurenti range are priced from £34.99 and available from Wine Direction

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